American Chamber of Commerce Monitor Indonesia Economic

US Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and the Indonesian business organizations today brought together US investors in Indonesia with several ministers discussed policies accelerate investment and long-term economic growth.Vice Chairman of AmCham, Myron Brilliant said he and the investors in the US are eager to help the government of President Jokowi in perumbuhan economy. He also expressed his optimism to the President Jokowi can bring Indonesia towards a better economy."President Jokowi has a favorable position after a successful election. We hope he can use this momentum to bring Indonesia to the direction of the economy is better, look at the foreign investment community as partners to achieve the goal. For that we are ready, "said Myron at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, Wednesday (12/11).In addition, the event also presented several policy recommendations for menghapi challenges and investment industry. The policy covers sectors including food, consumer goods, healthcare, information technology, financial services and industrial extraction."The recommendations resulting from the idea that US investors want to partner with the government of Indonesia to jointly boost the country's economy and help Indonesia achieve its objectives," he concluded.To note during 2004 to 2012, US investment in Indonesia reached USD65 billion. In the next five years AmCham targets to increase investment of USD61 billion.

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