BKPM: American Chamber of Commerce Investment Permit Positive Response Rate 3 Hours

The Investment Coordinating Board directly promote the launch of an investment permit 3 hours to entrepreneurs who are members of the US Chamber of Commerce. 275 businessmen present included representatives of the US government, including Ambassador Michael Froman, USTR (United States Trade Representative), Brion Arnold Indonesia Amcham President and Executive Vice President and Head of International Affairs, Myron Brilliant.

Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Sibarani Franky pointed out that on that occasion, it has delivered the latest breakthroughs policy conducted by the government in an effort to increase investment in Indonesia. Among them the implementation of the one stop service national investment in the BKPM licensing, issuance of 3 hours for investments worth USD 100 M or employs 1,000 workers, accelerating the provision of tax holiday and tax allowance.

"The US Chamber of Commerce responded to the positive steps the Indonesian government issued a policy that is pro-business and more transparent, including an investment permit 3 hours. Packets economic policy issued by the President indicate that the government is attempting to facilitate investment and provide convenience to the business world, "Franky said in a press release received by the editors in the activities of US-Indonesia Investment Summit, at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, Washington DC, yesterday (26/10/2015).

Head of BKPM also offers the convenience of licensing while US direct investment for investors who wish to apply for investment license at the Investment Summit.

Franky pointed out that Investment Summit was held aimed at raising the profile of Indonesia in the eyes of the US business breakthroughs and explain the latest investment issued by the government.

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