Chamber Open Opportunities Cooperation Beef Imports with American Latin

Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will strengthen trade and investment between Indonesia and countries in South America, especially in the field of cattle business.
This was stated in a memorandum of understanding signed by the Chairman of Kadin Rosan P. Roeslani with President Mercosur - Asean Chamber of Commerce (MACC) office Rudolfo Caffaro Kramer at the Chamber of Commerce, on Tuesday (11/10) night.

Mesocur a sub-regional bloc comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Bolivia established to promote free trade and movement of goods, people and currency.

"One of the potential of Paraguay is beef, because it turns out they are the sixth-largest exporter in the world. Cooperation in this field could possibly be improved," Rosan said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay Rodolfo Nin Novoa said that the arrival time is the first time to Indonesia. Therefore, he will try to attract as much investment from the country.

"Today was a good opportunity for investors in Indonesia to invest in halal industry in Uruguay, which include halal slaughterhouses for cows that can be sent to Indonesia," he said.

Uruguay is one of the entrances leading Indonesian products to the South American market, especially of furniture products, handicrafts, food and beverage and consumer goods.

The value of bilateral trade in 2015 amounted to US $ 45.63 million. As for the period January - July 2016 interstate commerce was US $ 32.9 million.

Rudolfo Nin Novoa convey Indonesia for Uruguay has potential access to dairy products and meat products. However, Uruguay flagship product is still under discussion filing for halal certification.

Meanwhile, Cesar Estaban Grillon, President of Mercosur to Indonesia, Paraguay add itself already has halal certification for beef since the last five years.

Former Ambassador of Paraguay to Indonesia, said cattle production in Paraguay last year reached 300,000 tons. Of that amount, 55% is exported to Russia and some countries in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

"We do not go to Indonesia because Indonesia has been supplied only from New Zealand and Australia. We hope to open up new markets for beef to Indonesia Paraguay high quality at a low price," said Grillon.

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